In my heart, I believe that everyone should be able to build wealth, plan for retirement, lower their tax rate, and achieve whatever goal they want to achieve with appropriate financial guidance.

Society has often overlooked the financial needs of the average individual and a majority of our population. Large financial institutions and tax firms often focus their businesses on high net worth individuals, major corporate companies, and other financially established clients. It is ironic that the rich and affluent get premium treatment, customized trading and financial strategies, and a dedicated adviser to help them build more wealth, while those that are less financially affluent and most likely to need help are often ignored, especially women. The everyday female is not a second-class citizen but an individual that needs appropriate financial and tax advice to help them achieve their next steps in life.

Although my passion is to help individuals and start-ups obtain personalized tax and financial strategies (no matter their budget), I began my career on a very different note.

In a certain way, my background is typical of many tax and financial professionals. I spent many years in large accounting firms and at an international investment bank reviewing key financial statements and finding ways to improve their bottom line. I obtained my CPA, stock broker licenses, and a Masters degree all in the pursuit of what I believed was the right corporate career path. But something was lacking. I always felt that I was not making an impact in the world and the lives of the people I most related to.

I dug deep into my soul and realized that I wanted to help individuals and budding entrepreneurs create tax, business, and financial strategies that would help them achieve their ultimate goals in life.

Back when I was in college, I was a dual major in Accounting and Sociology. I always had a desire to help people and at one point even wanted to go into social work. Taking my financial knowledge and combining it with the same passion I once felt, I decided I would dedicate my life to helping individuals build successful plans for their future. I now offer customized personal and business solutions for the everyday woman and female entrepreneurs. Please see details of the services I offer.

Licenses and Education:

  • Masters in Accounting, St. John’s University
  • NYS licensed CPA
  • FINRA Security Licenses: Series 7, 63

Now that you know me, how can I help you? Take the first step and contact me.



I strongly believe that all entrepreneurs need help sometimes. As part of my mission in providing business education to our fellow start-ups, I’ve partnered up with the following incubators and coworking spaces to conduct insightful seminars. Join our free meetup group to find out more. Also, please support our partners and affiliates:

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